Show the world that your rental is committed to environmental sustainability.

The only sustainability certification specifically for vacation rental homes.

For us in the short-term rental industry, joining the sustainability movement starts with looking at the environmentally-friendly features inside the rental home.

Sustonica has put together a set of guidelines to make your vacation rental eco-friendly, and if you send us proofs we will reward you with a certification for environmental sustainability.

From appliances, to guidebook entries, over waste and water usage, your rental home will reduce its emissions if you make a few changes. These don't have to be costly! And most will save you on bills in the short- to medium term.

  • Your certification is stored on the blockchain
  • It is valid for 1 year.
  • There's no obligation to renew.

Comply with minimum 12 out of 40 guidelines.

It's likely that your rentals already qualify!

Get your 1st certification by filling in a form checking the environmental setup of your rental. You need to tick at least three features in each category and upload proof for each in the form of photo, video or invoice.

>>Download the instructions to see what you need to prepare before filling in the form

There are 40 guidelines and the rental needs to comply (and send proofs) for at least 12.

How to use your certification

You will get a certification and badge which are recorded on the blockchain and accessible via web (see example). The badge has meta-data for anyone wishing to verify it.

You can use it:

  • as a watermark on your OTA listing photos (providing the OTA allows it)
  • mentioning it in your listings descriptions
  • on your website via a dedicated page or your footer, or both
  • on your social networks
  • printing the certificates and hanging it in your rentals

We're actively talking to OTAs so they accept our standard and show your certification on their websites. We need your help to reach critical mass as this will speed up the process. Meanwhile your certification will boost your direct booking efforts.

The badge has meta-data for anyone wishing to verify it
In a frame inside the rental
On your website footer
As a watermark on your OTA listing photos
Is your vacation rental environmentally friendly?

Take the test and get easy ideas on how to make your short-term rental consume less energy and be more sustainable.