The 1st sustainability recognition specifically for vacation rentals.

Prove to travellers, owners, employees, investors, that you’re committed to environmental sustainability.

Our standard for vacation homes is based on 10 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Why your short-term rental needs a sustainability recognition

Aside from the moral imperative, adopting a people, planet, profit strategy for your vacation rental business comes with many benefits: more bookings, less costs, retaining owners, pleasing investors, regulators and employees, and reducing the environmental impact of the tourism industry.

Having one common standard for our industry means that we can give travellers the power to choose rental companies that are truly committed to sustainability.

Travellers want green vacation rentals
Owners want to reduce energy bills
Investors want to reward sustainable operations
Regulators want environmental accountability
Employees want to work for companies with strong environmental policies.

"78% of travellers are intending to stay in sustainable accommodation at least once in 2023."

33% – 55%
of total points

56% – 78%
of total points

79% – 100%
of total points

It's likely that your rentals already qualify!

To register a property for verification with Sustonica, a badge must be paid for in advance. If the property fails verification, the fee is non-refundable, highlighting the importance of studying the standard carefully and taking the free online test before beginning the registration process.

Your badge
Secure Digital Badge
Recorded on the Blockchain

The secure digital credentials issued by Sustonica can be verified with a single click. They will be recorded on the Ethereum blockchain meaning your badges are impossible to fake.

Built in social sharing tools make it easy for you to celebrate and share your achievements

Vacation Rental Professionals
have a unique opportunity to influence millions!
Because we're in the hospitality industry we're able to influence millions of people every year to make more sustainable choices while on vacation and on their return home.
Our Mission
Together we can harness the power of hospitality to create meaningful impact and inspire positive change.

Our mission is to establish the most widely recognised sustainability standard for vacation rentals, serving as a catalyst to:

- reduce emissions of 10 million global vacation rentals

- influence 450 million annual guests to reduce their own household consumption

Vanessa de Souza Lage
Co-Founder & CEO
Unique Technology
Involve guests to lower their consumption or charge for it.

Our ultimate sustainability recognition is based on an over-time decrease of electricity, gas and water consumption of vacation rental stays.

In order to achieve this we give you access to energy meters and to a web based app showing real-time consumption. Via persuasive communication, guests are encouraged to save resources and reduce waste. Option to charge guests for their consumption.

Your first step is to get the "Committed" badge. This sustainability recognition proves that your rental is environmentally friendly. You will then be entered in a queue to receive the hardware and guest facing app.

Average energy saving in homes

1 %
1 %
1 %
External validation of a vacation rental’s sustainability efforts is so very important. Sustonica is the first dedicated to our industry. I am excited to see its impact - allowing true green rentals to differentiate themselves from their competitors.
Bob Garner
SUNx Malta is helping travel and tourism companies, large and small, to deal with climate change & sustainability. These are complex issues, especially for small business and individual holiday rentals. It is great that Sustonica is focusing on these small enterprises, and we are happy to be working with them.
Dr Hans Friederich
SUNx Malta
Buildings in the U.S. comprise about 30% of GHG emissions, and the expanding tourism sector is a big contributor to that. Sustonica’s certification is brilliant and timely - helping property managers market their rentals as differentiated and high quality.
Matt Macunas
Blue Horizon Consulting
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Studies shows that 78% of travellers intend to stay in sustainable accommodation at least once in 2023, and 57% of travellers would feel better...
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