The entry recognition
takes on average 20 minutes
per vacation rental.

How it works, below.

Step One:

Download the Guidelines

Download the guidelines to see whether your vacation rental qualifies for the badge. You can also take our quick online test.

You must comply with a minimum of 12 out of 40 guidelines, 3 for each category: energy, people, waste and water.

In case you're missing some features, the PDF will get you inspiration as to the easy changes you can make.

Step Two:

Choose between Manual Upload or Video Call

→ Option 1: Manual Upload

Go to your rental and armed with the Guidelines PDF, take photos or videos of the features you comply with. You can then fill the application form and upload photos, videos and invoices as proofs.

→ Option 2: Video Call

Schedule a call for when you or one of your staff are able to go the vacation rental. A Sustonica team member will start a video call (zoom, google meet or whatsapp) and ask you to point to certain features so we can tick them off for you. The call will be recorded.

Step Three:

Receive your badge

You will receive your badge in digital format with an ID number recorded on the blockchain. You will also get a dedicated webpage that you can link to.

You can now advertise your badge on your listings, your website, your social networks and your rental.

Your badge is valid for 1 year and there's no obligation to renew.

Once "committed" get in touch with us for our further recognitions.