How to get started
Sustonica Onboarding

To start

Check the Criteria 

Check the criteria for city apartments & townhouses, country homes with pool, country homes without pool, to see whether your vacation rental qualifies for the badge.

You must comply with a minimum of 20% of the total points to get your badge.

Here are some quick wins for owners and quick wins for property managers.

You can also take our quick online test.


Get your properties verified

1. Sign up
Sign up at in under 1 minute.

2. Create Properties
Create properties in your dashboard with the address and license number.

3. Upload Documents
Upload accompanying documents. If you’re a property manager, you can easily forward the form to the owner to fill in.

4. Property Tour
Go to the properties and use the app to take photos, so we can verify the features that meet the criteria.

Now you will...

Receive your badge!

You will receive your badge in digital format with an ID number recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. You will also get a dedicated webpage that you can link to.

You can now advertise your badge on your website, your social networks and inside your rental.

Your badge is valid for 1 year and there’s no obligation to renew. 

Phone Sustonica badge social media

And finally...

Rank higher on OTAs!

Get extra visibility by appearing in the Travel Sustainable filters of large and niche OTAs! 

Once you have your badge, decide on which OTAs you want it to appear on. As of September 2023 we’re connected to and Earthstays.