The first sustainability accreditation for vacation rentals

We build sustainability recognition for the vacation rental industry

Our mission is to guide property managers and owners on their sustainability journey and allow them to prove their commitment via an accreditation and badge.

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These Rentals Are Commited To Lowering Their Carbon Emissions
Why are there 200 certifications and none of them is specialized for Vacation Rentals?
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I have been involved in the vacation rental industry for many years. In fact, I created one of the first online bookable platforms for short-term rentals globally, even before Airbnb emerged. Later on, I co-founded a channel manager that Airbnb became a client of.

After I left my position as Chief Marketing Officer at Rentals United in late 2021, I hoped to combine my passion for eco-friendly living with my expertise and connections in the vacation rental industry. To my surprise, there were 200 sustainability certifications for hotels and none for our industry.

This led me to create Sustonica, which aims to unite the vacation rental industry under a common banner and inspire guests to adopt sustainable practices.

It was not an easy journey, but after over a year of hard work and the support of an incredibly passionated team, we were able to bring all the pieces of the solution together.
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No BS Podcast

January 2023

PhocusWire Sustonica Story (January 2023)
“STR sustainability is “a very confusing world as you may find lots and lots of contradicting information,” de Souza Lage says. The industry needs “one certification, not 201 certifications” like the hotel industry, in which the vast array of sustainability certifications only serve to “confuse customers,” she says.”

January 2023

Sustonica launches as 1st sustainability recognition for rentals

Panel at the Scale Rentals Show Paris

November 2022

Cop27 Article Contribution (November 2022)
“The hotel industry needs to cut carbon emissions by 66 per cent per room by 2030 to counteract emissions corresponding to growth. These types of figures are not yet available for the vacation rental industry, but we can already come together as an industry and start cutting our carbon emissions wherever possible.”

October 2022

Panel at Vitur Summit Malaga

Panel at the Vacation Rental World Summit

September 2022

Webinar Responsible Travel
The steps that travel and hospitality businesses can make to reduce their environmental footprint

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