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Tired of Guests not recycling?

Download our free recycling labels for vacation rentals designed for children!

In a world where sustainability is no longer a choice but a responsibility, vacation rental owners like you have the power to make a meaningful impact. Embracing eco-friendly practices not only benefits the planet, but it also opens doors to financial savings, enhanced guest experiences, and a competitive edge in the market.

Getting your Sustonica badge means you have taken some of these steps! We have made easy for you: just follow our criteria, submit your proof and proudly be part of our movement.

There are some very simple, common sense things you can implement today without any major investment, just slightly changing the way you do things!

QUICK WINS! What features can make my vacation rental more sustainable?

No, it's not about making structural changes or investing in solar panels! (Though if you have them... well done!).


80% of your light bulbs are LED

you have dual flush in your toilet

your windows are double glazed

the washing machine has an eco-setting


call your electricity supplier and ask to be switched to 100% renewable energy

switch your toilet paper and paper towels to recycled paper

leave shampoo and shower gel that is free of microplastics (use the BTMB app to scan ingredients)

leave a basket or trolley for shopping so guests don't need plastic bags

attach a "Flow Restrictor" to your shower head (€8/$10) and save 8 gallons / 30 litres of water per shower.

hang a chart up that lists all the above features so you may influence your guests to do the same on their return home!

For more quick wins check:

Marketing Benefits

Appealing to Modern Travelers

Get increased occupancy
Today's travellers are increasingly aware of their impact on the environment and are looking for accommodations that align with their sustainability values.

By making your properties more eco-friendly, you can attract a larger pool of guests, resulting in increased bookings, higher occupancy rates and enhanced reputation.

Access the Sustainable Travel Report 2023 with insights gathered from more than 33,000 travellers across 35 countries.
Positive Guest Experiences

Avoid bad reviews!
Sustainability practices not only benefit the environment, but also enhance the overall guest experience.

Guests deserve guilt-free holidays where they can enjoy their time without worrying about recycling, being limited to single-use toiletries, or relying on disposable water bottles! Incorporating those sustainable amenities is not hard!

By providing a guilt-free stay, you can earn positive reviews and valuable word-of-mouth recommendations, driving future bookings and guest loyalty.

and a Competitive Edge
In a competitive vacation rental market, sustainability can be a powerful differentiator.

By adopting eco-friendly practices, you are setting your properties apart from the competition and appealing to a growing segment of travellers who are actively seeking green options.

This differentiation can lead to increased visibility, stronger demand and a sustainable competitive advantage.

Every step, no matter how small, counts towards building a more sustainable world. Let us be the change we wish to see and leave a positive legacy for generations to come.

Together, we make your homes consume less and influence your guests to do the same on their return.

Why Sustonica?

Sustonica is the 1st and the only verification of sustainability for vacation rentals worldwide. We believe that every vacation rental property has the power to become more eco-friendly, leaving a positive impact on guests and on the planet.

Sustainability is not just a passing trend... it's the future of the vacation rental industry. By partnering with Sustonica, you position yourself at the forefront of this movement, staying ahead of the curve and attracting a massively growing segment of environmentally conscious travellers who actively seek sustainable accommodations.

Unparalleled Expertise
With years of experience in the vacation rental industry and a deep understanding of sustainable practices, Sustonica brings unparalleled expertise to the table.
The right partners
Sustonica partners with range of tried-and-tested services providers that offer eco-friendly amenities and tech solutions to help you up your sustainability game.
All automated
Implementing sustainability measures can be overwhelming. Follow our resources and use our fully automated process to provide your proofs and get your badge.