Sustainability Marketing Support

Get the help of a professional sustainability marketer

Since your properties now have received the Sustonica badge, you are one of the professionals that recognise the opportunity which sustainability affords your business. You now have the unique ability to empower your owners and their guests to adopt more eco-friendly practices. You will be seen as a leader in the vacation rental industry and reap the rewards of this new way of doing business. 

However, sustainability is a relatively new concept and regulation is evolving at an ever-increasing pace. You need to have the confidence that what you are communicating to your audiences is engaging but also convincing, accurate and transparent.

Work with a Sustainability Marketing Specialist

At Sustonica we want to help you capitalize on your partnership with us. It is important to us that you achieve the maximum impact and recognition for the role you are playing in influencing the short-term rental industry.

For this reason, we have partnered with sustainability marketing specialist, Nikki Mattei. Nikki is a Chartered Marketer with a career spanning over 30 years, with the past 15 working within sustainability marketing. She is also the co-owner of Villa in the Vineyard, a conscious luxury rental property in Italy.

Nikki has put together three packages specifically for property management companies and OTAs to ensure that you embed sustainability into your own brand and communicate it authentically with all your audiences.

Nikki's Sustainability Marketing Packages
Engage Your Owners
Convince your owners to get their Sustonica badge.
Review of your owner personas and profiles
Review of your current owner communication
Strategy to involve owners in your sustainability plans
Recommended communication strategy to introduce Sustonica to owners
Ongoing education plan to help your owners on their journey following the Sustonica criteria
Excite & Empower Guests
Inspire guests to take environmental action in their own homes.
An audit of your current guest-facing marketing plan
Recommendations for incorporating sustainability into your communications (website, email marketing, social media etc)
Particular focus on imagery and video including a review of current strategies to ensure no greenwashing
How to promote Sustonica badged properties
Find Your Brand Purpose
Embed your commitment to sustainability as a brand pillar.
Review of your current brand personality and how sustainability can be integrated (or a review of your current strategy)
Choice of sustainability focus to complement your brand linked to Sustonica criteria and the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Define your brand purpose – what is most relevant to your business to make it real and authentic
Update your value proposition and review audience profiles Recommended messaging and channels to communicate as a purpose driven brand and articulate your sustainability strategy
Recommendations on how to integrate Sustonica badging on your website and across all your other channels
Recommended strategies for engaging and involving your staff