Preparing the Documentation

In order to get your badge you need to submit various proofs: some are photos and others are invoices or screenshots which we call “the documentation”.

After signing up, you gain access to your Sustonica dashboard, where you can upload and save:

  • some documentation in bulk which applies to all properties
  • some documentation per property
See what documentation you need to prepare below.

Next: Do the Photo Tour. Once the documentation is submitted you will be prompted to do the photo tour. There’s a dedicated link for each property which you can forward to whoever can go to the property (check-in, maintenance, cleaning…). It takes 15 minutes on average! Here’s more information on the photo tour.

Bulk Documentation

Bulk documentation that you can submit for all properties:

As these get validated by the auditor, the % points received will be automatically added to your total for all properties. 

If you’re a property manager we understand that there will be some documentation (like the electricity invoice) that you may not have access to, so we have made it easy for you to forward ‘the documentation upload page‘ to your owners directly. 

Documentation per Property

Documentation that you can submit for each property:

Additional Documentation For Homes

If there's a Swimming Pool / Hot Tub


Every step, no matter how small, counts towards building a more sustainable world. Let us be the change we wish to see and leave a positive legacy for generations to come.

Together, we make your homes consume less and influence your guests to do the same on their return.