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Momento Stays is a specialized short-term rental company founded by Jaydon Robinson, with a focus on providing luxury retreat experiences for group getaways. The company's flagship property, "The Grape Escape," located in California, reflects Momento Stays' commitment to sustainability and community consideration through its thoughtfully designed features.

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Goals of the Sustonica Partnership

Jaydon Robinson, with a background in real estate acquisition and revenue management, established Momento Stays as a specialized short-term rental company. He bought and furnished the company's current property, "The Grape Escape," which is in Lodi, California and caters to group getaways with its luxury retreat design.

Recognizing the significance of aligning Momento Stays' brand values with a commitment to sustainability, Jaydon proactively engaged with Sustonica before placing the property on the market.

By leveraging Sustonica's user-friendly standard, he was able to integrate features into the vacation rental that promote reduced consumption and greater community consideration. This proactive approach underscores Jaydon's dedication to responsible practices within the short-term rental industry, aiming to create a harmonious balance between guest experiences and environmental stewardship.

"We reached out to Sustonica to ensure that our brand values aligned with responsible practices. Their standards provided a clear framework that allowed us to incorporate features into the vacation rental, reducing its environmental footprint while fostering a sense of community respect. It's not just about providing a space; it's about leaving a meaningful legacy for the environment and the guests we serve."
Jaydon Robinson
Process of Validation

Jaydon contacted Sustonica months before putting the property on the market. He wanted to make sure that the property passes the Sustonica badge and proactively added the features in Sustonica’s criteria to the property.

Step 1: Studying the criteria and using the test
Jaydon studied the criteria and over the course of 3 months kept on adding features that would help the property pass the badge. He regularly used the test to check how the improvements increased the score.
Step 2: Researching Providers
Jaydon spent the time researching the providers that could help “the Grape Escape” achieve the badge. From EV-charging to renewable energy certificates over guidebook providers, Jaydon was extremely proactive in finding the best partners.
Step 3: Documentation & Photo Tour
Once the property was ready, Jaydon uploaded the required documentation in his Sustonica dashboard. He then traveled to the property to conduct the photo tour.
Step 4: Changes to the Website
As the Sustonica validation was issued, Jaydon was able to add another page on his website. His “Social Responsibility” page has a prominent placement on the top navigation and listing Moment Stays’ social and environmental responsibilities.

Partnership Outcomes (last update September 2023)

What those involved in the Sustonica validation say
Owner Feedback
I take immense pride in having received the Sustonica badge for 'The Grape Escape.' This journey has been truly eye-opening, as we embraced the process of making our property more environmentally friendly. The Sustonica certification has not only elevated our commitment to sustainability but also enriched our understanding of responsible hospitality in ways I couldn't have imagined.
Jaydon Robinson